Guli Silberstein, Excerpt @ KolektivaAn art film project like Human Frames, which explores ten emotional states and the human condition in a broader sense, somehow crosses the question of pain – as an emotional experience caused by a physical of psychological damage. The expression of pain can take different forms and produce violent emotions, such as anger and fear, or can be provoked by conflictual social and political relationships. Pain sometimes results from a physical illness or in a more intimate sense from the loss or longing for someone who is no longer attainable. The presented film selection is a panoply that crosses the different Human Frames programs and gives an insight in the creative visual representation of emotions seen through the eyes of contemporary European and Asian artists and filmmakers.

Video in Progress by Kolektiva

Participating artists:
Alice Anderson (UK/FR), Ashish Avikunthak (IN/US), Laila Hotait (ES/LB), Marylène Negro (FR), Junho Oh (KR), Ezzam Rahman (SG), Tulapop Saenjaroen (TH), Alexander Schellow (DE), Guli Silberstein (UK)

HUMAN FRAMES @ KIT – Kunst-im-Tunnel, Düsseldorf, Germany (11 June – 24 July 2011)

During the eary days of summer 2011, Human Frames inhabited the very uniqueArtists and curators of Human Frames for the exhibition opening at KIT, Düsseldorf. space of KIT – Kunst-im-tunnel in Düsseldorf, Germany. With an original staging by Gertrud Peters (KIT), Dejan Mujicic (KIT) and Silke Schmickl (Lowave), the ten programs took a special dimension, spread in space with specific presentation for each of them: an intimate tent for Desire, an oppressive box for Fear, a sacred black temple for Impermanence and so on.
This exceptionnal exhibition was also the occasion of presenting the programs in a special catalogue, designed as a flip-book to serve as an exhibition guide as well by the designers Franz Reimer and Anja Steinig.
Exhibition pictures by Ivo Faber.

Heels Down, On Your Feet – Yuko Kamei | Féhérkék – Rita Bakacs | Out loud – Stéphane Gérard | Hello Antenna – Veronika Samartseva & Anna Samoylovich | Schaukeln – Steffi Stangl | Xiao Fu – Sookoon Ang | Frontière – Isabelle Levenez

ISOLATIONHappinesse by Ivo Faber.
Le silence est en marche – Pierre-Yves Cruaud | Les illuminés – Halida Boughriet | Ohne Titel (Fragment) – Alexander Schellow | Nightmare – Soyoung Park | Nouba – Katia Kameli | From B to H – Saki Satom | Weekend – Paula Un Mi Kim | Dogs – Massimilian & Nina Breeder | A Day Without Wind – Victric Thng | Living in the Box – Kentaro Taki

Making Circles (métamorphosis) – Yoko Fukushima | Copy Shop – Virgil Widrich | Genius and Madness – Triny Prada | Counterparts – Jan Verbeek | Hau Raus! – Nhu Nguyen | Masking for Serene Velocity – Heat Shot 3 – Kim Yeon Jeong | Trotzdem Danke (Thanks anyway) – Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf

Black Cherry – Lucky Kuswandi | Strips – Felix Dufour-Laperrière | The return – Tulapop Saenjaroen | There is a spider living between us – Tejal Shah | The place you left – Junho Oh | Hulahoop Soundings – Edwin | Été – Romain Kronenberg

MONO NO AWAREMono no aware by Ivo Faber.
The outline of everything – Yuki Hayashi | Breakfast – Izabela Plucinska | Opak – Lily Wittenburg | A state of crystal – Johanna Reich | Orientations – Ismaïl Bahri | Napoleon – Taro Izumi | Reflect – Machima Ungsriwong | In the field – Biying Zhang | Shadow of movement – Masakazu Saito | Three notes – Jeanno Gaussi / Germany-Afghanistan | Outside the sun is shining – Masayo Kajimura

Kirkirerland – Patricia Reinhart | Excerpt – Guli Silberstein | Of Anna and Dreams – O Zhang | Mr Moth – Arnaud Delord | False Friends – Sylvia Schedelbauer | Sbara – Larissa Sansour | The Night I became a Doll – Alice Anderson

F – Ethem Özgüven | Revolution contra revolution – Barbara Hlali | Mao Mao – Frédéric D. Oberland | Occupation –Laila Hotait | October – Ezzam Rahman | Jeunesse en mouvement – Lionel Soukaz

FANATICISMFanaticism by Ivo Faber.
The First Ones – Hatice Güleryüz | I, soldier – Köken Ergun | A Brief History of Memory – Chulayarnnon Siriphol | Mighty Ballistic – Josephine Turalba | Even if she had been a criminal… – Jean-Gabriel Périot | Sophistication – Sarnath Banerjee | Helenés – Apparition of Freedom – Christoph Draeger

Dark Continent – Marylène Negro | Sentimental Journey – Tony Wu and Georges Hsin | Lethe – Yuki Kawamura | Oh torment (Wa Wailah) – Monira al Qadiri | Rain at home – Kazumi Kanemaki | Divine Invasions – Matthias Groebel

Magia – Gérard Cairaschi | Vakratunda Swaha – Ashish Avikunthak | Peach Blossom – Qiulin Chen | Old Choi’s Film – Bin Chuen Choi | EARTH [cinema] – Tzu Nyen Ho

KIT – Kunst-im-tunnel Museum


HUMAN FRAMES @ The Substation, Singapore (17-20 February 2011)

In February 2010, The Substation in Singapore hosted the very first complete Human Frames event as a great partner of the project. Presented as theatrical screenings, the programs were split among eight slots. It was also the opportunity for the Asian Europe Fondation to show support to this project by launching its new portal with the opening.

17/02 | MADNESS
Making Circles (métamorphosis), Yoko Fukushima / Copy Shop, Virgil Widrich / Genius and Madness, Triny Prada / Surreal Random MMS Texts for a mother, a sister and a wife who longs for you, Christopher Gozum / Counterparts, Jan Verbeek, Hau Raus!, Nhu Nguyen / Masking for Serene Velocity – Heat Shot 3, Yeonjeong Kim / Thanks anyway, Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf.

F, Ethem Özgüven / Revolution contra revolution, Barbara Human Frames @ The SubstationHlali / Mao Mao, Frédéric D. Oberland / Occupation, Leila Hotait / October, Ezzam Rahman / Jeunesse en mouvement, Lionel Soukaz.
The First Ones, Hatice Gülyerüz / I, soldier, Köken Ergun / Mighty Ballistic, Josephine Turalba / Even if she had been a criminal…, Jean-Gabriel Périot / Sophistication, Sarnath Banerjee / Helenés – Apparition of Freedom, Christoph Draeger.

19/02 | FEAR
Kirkirerland, Patricia Reinhart / Excerpt, Guli Silberstein / Of Anna and Dreams, O Zhang / Mr Moth, Arnaud Delord / False Friends, Sylvia Schedelbauer / Sbara, Larissa Sansour / The Night I became a Doll, Alice Anderson.

The outline of everything, Yuki Hayashi / Breakfast, Izabela Plucinska / Opak, Lily Wittenburg / A state of crystal, Johanna Reich / Orientations, Ismaïl Bahri / Napoleon, Taro Izumi / Weekend, Paula Un Mi Kim / In the field, Biying Zhang / Shadow of movement, Masakazu Saito / Three notes, Jeanno Gaussi / Outside the sun is shining, Masayo Kajimura.

Dark Continent, Marylène Negro / Sentimental Journey, Tony Wu & Georges Hsin / Lethe, Yuki Kawamura / Oh torment (Wa Wailah), Monira al Qadiri / Divine Invasions, Matthias Groebel / Endnote, Ashish Avikunthak.

19/02 | DESIRE
Black Cherry, Lucky Kuswandi / Strips, Felix Dufour-Laperrière / The return, Tulapop Saenjaroen / The place you left, Junho Oh / Hulahoop Soundings, Edwin / The boy and the sea, Victric Thng / Été, Romain Kronenberg.

Heels Down, On Your Feet, Yuko Kamei / Féhérkék, Rita Bakacs / Out loud, Stéphane Gérard / Hello Antenna, Veronika Samartseva & Anna Samoylovich / Schaukeln, Steffi Stangl / Frontière, Isabelle Levenez.
Le silence est en marche, Pierre-Yves Cruaud / Berlin – Beijing a.m. p.m., Szilvia Ruszev / Les illuminés, Halida Boughriet / Ohne Titel (Fragment), Alexander Schellow / Nightmare, So-youn Park / Let go aviary, Sookoon Ang / Nouba, Katia Kameli / From B to H, Saki Satom / Dogs, Massimilian & Nina Breeder / Reflect, Machima Ungsriwong.

Magia, Gérard Cairaschi / Peach Blossom, Qiulin Chen / Old Choi’s Film, Bin Chuen Choi / EARTH [cinema], Tzu Nyen Ho.

HUMAN FRAMES @ Asian Hot Shots, Berlin, Germany (22-23 October 2010)

For Asian Hot Shots curators Silke Schmickl and Masayo Kajimura presented
a panorama program of works by Asian artists:

Yoko Fukushima, Making Circles (métamorphosis), Japan/France, 2002/2008, 3’16
Victric Thng, A day without wind, Singapore, 2010, 7’41
Tejal Shah, I love my India, India, 2003, 10’
Jun Ho Oh, The place you left, South Korea, 2006, 10’23
Yuki Kawamura, Lethe, Japan, 2005, 4’
Ashish Avikunthak, Endnote, India, 2005, 18’
Sookoon Ang, Shanghai avant la pluie, Singapore, 2006, 4’34
Tony Wu and Georges Hsin, Sentimental Journey, Taiwan, 2003, 10’
Aki Nakazawa, Sui sha shi / Water-graphed portrait, Japan, 2005, 8’24
Biying Zhang, In the field, China, 2010, 3’16

Asian Hot Shots Catalog 2010

HUMAN FRAMES @ Experimental Film Forum, The Substation, Singapore (20-23 May 2010)

The inaugural Experimental Film Forum aims to put the spotlight on experimental films, a largely neglected area of moving images and the visual arts. This rarely seen genre is the playground for experimentation in visual, sound and storytelling techniques, some of which eventually finds its way into mainstream films. Techniques such as long shots, jump cuts and disjointed editing are some examples that started out as such celluloid experiments. Apart from techniques, experimental films are also a medium for the expression of identity and concepts otherwise inaccessible by traditional mainstream mediums.

The film programme will look at a brief history of experimental films in Southeast Asia, the recent spate of experimental films and the direction of experimental cinema. We will raise questions on what has been termed as an experimental film today and the trends of the experimental film movements in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Programme highlights this year will include screenings of past and current experimental short films and features, an introduction workshop to Super8mm and a forum discussion to explore the state of experimental cinema now and its future direction.

Infos about the Human Frames presentation here