The first ones / Hatice Güleryüz / Turkey / 2000 / 4’40 / 4:3
An evocation of family home movies with Super-8 aesthetics. The artist shows us two groups of students. These images emerge from a black screen as a perpetual to and fro between presence and absence. The soundtrack is comprises school sermons and the national anthem repeated in a loop. The repetition brings us to question the hold of nationalist sentiment over the individual and analyses the submission to the collective order starting from a very young age.

A brief history of memory / Chulayarnnon Siriphol / Thailand / 2010 / 14’
A brief history of memory is dedicated to the people who died during the political crisis in Thailand. The effect of the crisis is presented by a voice of a mother who lost her son in the events and overlaid with moving images of the NangLerng community where she and her family lived. Dead lice from children’s hair in the community stand for the innocent protesters who were killed like insects during the riots.

I, Soldier / Köken Ergun / Turkey / 2005 / 7’14 / 4:3
I, Soldier is the first part of a video series in which Köken Ergun deals with the state-controlled ceremonies for the national holidays of the Turkish Republic. The video was shot at the national holiday for Youth and Sports, the day that marks the start of the Turkish War of Independence under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk against the Allied Forces in 1919.

Mighty ballistic / Josephine Turalba / Philippines / 2008 / 6’51 / 4:3
Mighty Ballistic is a performance video that presents Josephine Turalba wearing a sculptural dress made from bullets, walking and interacting with people in the streets of Manila. A pacifist protest against violence and the force of arms. Death cultivates a visibility for what has disappeared and what is vociferously being called to memory. What can be seen is what is no longer there. Trauma triggers the search for that inner voice that calls us to slow down and heal ourselves.

Even if she had been a criminal… / Jean-Gabriel Périot / France / 2006 / 10′ / 4:3
France, summer 1944. The public punishment of women accused of having affairs with Germans during the war… Rare archival images illustrate the horror of collective fanaticism that outlasted World War II.

Sophistication / Sarnath Banerjee / India / 2009-2010 / 5′ / 4:3
Sophistication is a collage animation based on real images and drawings by Sarnath Banerjee. The video ironises humanity’s insatiable lust for power and its fanatical political and religious excesses from Europe to Asia.

Helenés – Apparition of freedom / Christoph Draeger / Switzerland / 2005 / 18’30 / 4:3
Helenés – Apparition of freedom combines two examples of fanatical propaganda from the erstwhile communist East and the West. An apocalypic, Hungarian educational film designed to prepare the populace in the event of a nuclear attack is stategically subtitled with George W. Bush’s inaugural speech of 2005. Text and image enter into a new symbiosis revealing the subtext of Bush’s address: the ideal of American dominance and hegemony.